Video Game Demo Reel


Last but not least, this section is reserved for all the music I've made for original short films, a diversity in genres and styles that helps tell the story with powerful emotions.


Ever since I was little I was really passionate about rock and music in general and wanted to learn how to play the drums, I got my drum set as a 15 year old present and been rocking it ever since, what best way to show abilities than recording yourself doing it? Given time I will upload multi-instrumentalist  covers of classic rock songs and Video Game soundtracks. If you want to check out more songs, go to my Youtube profile:


Tracks I've made on my free time, with a little effort and time (not to mention the right tools) I will make an entire album as a short term goal.

Music Production



Music for the game Fragment by VFS Game Design class 27 team, original music collaboration by Jordan Lang ( and myself. For the full game go to the sound tab were you'll find a downloadable version.




Short Film Soundtracks


Solo Project



Live Videos

Music for the game The Horroring by VFS Game Design class 28 team.

Work of music meant for Video Games which didn't make into one, samples of what I can do given different genres, from badass classic 8 bit boss to a small and playful ghost chasing you through the woods

Video Game Soundtracks