3D Animation Demo Reel



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ITESM - Animation and Digital Art's Final

Hungry Madness - What would you do if you found out that your sandwich is planning to kill you? But better yet... what if it never happened?

The Three Friends  - Just a normal day between three good friends.



Final video from the degree of Animation and Digital Arts (LAD) Monterrey Campus, written and directed by me. All music and SFX were made by me also.

Collaboration between David Ortiz, Mauricio Barajas, Sergio Riojas, Rodrigo Avila and me, each one made a different section of the short film, concentrating on one character and on their own reality, so each one had the opportunity of putting their essence into those day to day life characters.

The Story revolves around a public plaza, and the characters (an artist, a kid, a programmer and a schizofrenic) are minding their own business with their own train of thought and reality, until an event happens and makes them all return to the universal reality but finding out that not all of them can return to it.


3D Renders

Stop Motion Animation


Digital Art