Short Films

Hutchison - Three Black Boxes (2016)
Boom Operator / Sound Designer / Foley Artist

El Nuevo Hombre Invisible – IMAGIX Productions (2014)
Sound Designer (SFX)

Mothership – Independent (2013)
Foley Recordist

Cheetah - Baby Snake Productions (2013)
Foley Artist

About Me

Feature-length Films

All Gone Wrong - Lone Morsel Productions (2020)
Foley Artist
Hugmonster Sound

Monsters - Yan Productions (2018)
Foley Artist
Obsidian Sound Temple

Pandemic - XLrator Media (2016)

Foley Artist
Timeline Audio


Ever since I was little I was into all forms of art, especially film, music and video games. I was lucky enough to have a TV where I could play video games whenever I wanted and watch films with my family and friends and discover new productions all the time.


By the time I finished high school I  got into my city's most prestigious University, Tec de Monterrey, and after a semester in Merchandising hoping on contributing to the family business, I decided that Art was meant for me so in 2007 I changed my degree to Animation and Digital Arts. After finishing my degree I went to Vancouver Film School's Sound Design for Visual Media program in 2012 to focus solely on Sound Design with a specialization on Foley Art. After that, I applied for an open work permit and moved to Montreal Canada in 2014, working at the company Enzyme Testing Labs doing Localization Quality Assurance for video games in Latin American Spanish, at Deluxe Media as a Closed Caption Specialist for film in Latin American Spanish and at the post-production sound company Timeline Audio working at my first feature-length film (Pandemic, 2016) as a Foley Artist.

When my work permit expired I returned to my hometown, Monterrey, México, where I opened my own post-production sound and music production studio called Obsidian Sound Temple in 2017; I produced my first album (Matteria) and worked on my second feature-length film as a Foley Artist: an international film from Morocco called Monsters (2018). After proving I was capable of doing Foley independently, another international post-production sound company, Hugmonster Sound, had interest in my abilities as a Foley Artist and hired me for their upcoming productions, being now the steady Foley Artist for the TV Shows Superbook and The VeggieTales Show, and more feature-length films to come. After years and years of hard work and dedication I'm happy to say I have my dream job.

Video Games

Quantum Nightmare – Mars Games (2014)
Sound Designer, Music Composer

The Horroring – VFS GD28 (2013)
Music Composer

Fragment – VFS GD27 (2013)
Sound Designer, Music Composer


The Dark - Season 02 - Hit Record on TV (2015) Actor - Myself

Music Production

Matteria - Laberintos (2018)

Obsidian Temple Records

TV Shows

The VeggieTales Show - NBC Universal (2020)
Foley Artist
Hugmonster Sound

Superbook - CBN (2020)
Foley Artist
Hugmonster Sound

Truck'd Up - Timeline Audio (2016)
Foley Artist

Black Ice – Timeline Audio (2015)
Foley Artist


A Devil's Din
Drummer (2014 - 2015)


Drummer (2012 - 2014)

Solo Project (saul solis)
Guitars, Bass, Synth, Drums (2011 - now)
Localization Quality Assurance

Far Cry Primal - Ubisoft (2016)
Enzyme - Latin American Spanish

Just Dance 2016 – Ubisoft (2015)
Enzyme - Latin American Spanish

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 - Konami (2015)

Enzyme - Latin American Spanish